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Baju Kurung Semi Sutera (Semi Silk)

Baju Kurung sepasang termasuk sarung dan selendang kain semi sutera.

SS1 – Hijau turquoise

SS2 – Pink

Warna lain boleh siap order kalau perlu.

Harga RM 100 termasuk kos penghantaran.

 set kurung semi silk

set kurung semi silk

Summer Trend 2011

The most important thing in fashion make-up summer 2011 – a perfect face color. In the focus of the make-up 2011 – eyes and lips. Bright color lipstick again coming into fashion trends summer 2011.

Shiny materials and accessories is actual in summer 2011. A white blouse, silver skirt and silver necklace – simple and elegant

- From fashioncatalogonline.com

Now that summer is here…so is Michael Franks been 5 years since his last studio album

Special Dedication to Loverboy

Special birthday requires special dedication. Perhaps Loverboy will move from the Americas to the African continent where women are so real. Perhaps this birthday marks a shift from the virtual world to the real world. In short, get real my friend!

Get your ID, get your passport this world could be yours. You are destined to be the African King!  The girl of your dream is out there…..i think.

Happy Birthday Loverboy, no names required you know who you are.

(Check out the sarongs and accessories in the video!)

Baju Kurung Cornelli Cotton Silk

Baju Kurung Cornelli Cotton Silk

Set Baju Kurung yang lengkap 3 pieces, kain, sarung batik dan selendang.

Kain cotton silk yang lembut dan sesuai dipakai.

KC1 warna jingga tua.

Harga RM 110 Termasuk kos penghantaran.

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Baju Kurung – How To Take Measurement?

The video is self explainatory, gives you an idea of vital measurements point for a perfect fitting baju kurung.

Baju Kebaya Cotton Silk Hand Made (Pt 2)

Baju Kebaya Cotton Silk Handmade

Baju Kebaya cotton silk hand made warna pink. Kain lembut dan sedap dipakai.

KH2 warna pink.

Harga RM 120 termasuk kos penghantaran.

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Kebaya Blouse Cotton Lace Ready Made

kebaya blouse cotton lace

Koleksi blouse kebaya cotton untuk pakai harian selesa bersama seluar jeans. Selesa dipakai dan disertakan dgn baju dalam.

Harga RM 110 termasuk kos penghantaran.

Code KBC1 – Size, S, XS, M, SM, L, XL.

Ada design yang mempunyai lengan panjang dalam masa terdekat.

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Kebaya 101

Intro to Kebaya, enjoy it.

Tips – Taking Care of Silk



Silk fabric is a fabric produced from silkworms. This fabric is very soft and smooth so the price is very expensive. Clothing made from silk material always looked beautiful. Many choices of colors, motifs, and a very fine material, making the women make this as a collection of clothing to be worn on formal or casual occasions.

If you have clothing made from silk fabric, you need accuracy and patience to care it. In addition because the price is more expensive compared to other clothing materials, you definitely do not want your silk clothing collections damaged by the wrong treatment. How do I care for your favorite collection? Here it tips you can try.

1. For any reason, do not use a washing machine, wash your silk clothes by hand.

2. Do not soak silk clothes into the detergent. Use a shampoo that has gentle formula or use baby shampoo. Soak in other place, do not mixed with other clothing.

3. When rinsing, be careful, do not need to squeeze your silk clothes too strong.

4. When drain, just in the wind-aired in a place far from the reach of sunlight.

5. When your clothes are almost dry, you can iron your silk clothing. Do not iron directly on the outside, iron on the inside with medium temperature.

6. Make sure your wardrobe is free from insects that can damage your silk clothes. Use insect repellent specifically for wardrobe.

7. In order for your clothes do not wrinkle and fade due to be stored for too long, wrap your silk clothes with a special plastic for clothing.

Musical Interlude : Nights In White Satin

white satin

Baju Kurung Sulam Suji Kain Satin Velvet

Baju Kurung Sulam Suji Satin Velvet

Kain yang lembut dan selesa dipakai.

Datangnya dalam panjang 2m bersama kain batik sarung dan selendang yang matching. (total 3 pieces)

Sulaman bunga sulam suji.

Kod SV1 warna beige kilat.

Kod SV2 warna maroon.

kod SV3 warna kelabu kilat. (SOLD!!!)

Harga RM 110 termasuk penghantaran

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Baju Kurung Manik 2 Warna


Baju Kurung 2 warna kain kelly  manik labuci.

Tempahan khas dari kilang untuk 2 warna.

KM1- Hijau Muda.

Harga RM 110 Termasuk kos penghantaran.

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Baju Kurung Tunik Border Kerawang


Kain jenis Kelly 4m bidang 45 inci.

Selesa dipakai limited edition.

TBK1- Warna pilihan ramai ungu muda.

Harga RM 110 termasuk kos penghantaran.

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Baju Kurung Bunga Timbul

Baju Kurung Bunga Timbul

Design terbaru di pasaran kain semi silk.

Panjang 4M bidang 45 inci.

Bunga Kecil dalam 2 warna hitam dan kelabu silver.

KBT1 – Warna hitam

KBT2 – Warna kelabu silver.

Harga RM 120 termasuk kos penghantaran

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